Trends of the distribution of tokens in 2021

  • create term-coefficient (Kt) for hodlers DAO. The longer you keep tokens, the stronger your coefficient.
  • create “unfortunatenly”-coefficient (Ku) for hodlers DAO. The long you lose, the stronger your coefficient. I mean all last lotteries in the hodling period term.
  1. Alise hodling 1000 DAO during 4 mounth. And she has lose 3 times (I mean distributions ticket lottery). She has Kt= approx 1.4 and Ku = 1.3 She has Tier-1 (for 1000 DAO) = 1 ticket. And now she has 1*1.4*1.3 = 1.8 tickets for next lottery.
  2. John hodling 10 000 DAO during 1 mounth. And he has 1 lucky ticket and 1 lose ticket. He has Kt= 1.1 and Ku = 1. He has Tier-5 (for 10 000 DAO) = 5 tickets. And now he has 5*1.1*1 = 5.5 tickets for next lottery.




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Mark Sartin

Mark Sartin

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