Trends of the distribution of tokens in 2021

Mark Sartin
2 min readFeb 20, 2021


..sorry my bad English..

I was being in the crypto-world since December 2017. We watched ICO-boom and simple strategy for participatment. Add to Telegram, create multi-accounts, complete the quiz and get a lucky ticket.

Then crypto-winter came. And I have missed any events and trends. IEO — it is a new kind of distribution was buildinig on the hodlig BNB. This is a brilliant idea from CZ. But when millions of dollars came into the strategy, it ceased to be profitable. And new ideas were needed.

Today we are seeing a different kind of IDO and auctions. But isn’t best solution too. Because bots and quikly fingers become winners.

What will happen next?

I have already saw new kind of distibution. SHO on the DAO Maker. It is a same like IEO from BNB, but more flexible. And we have 100M marketcup DAO Maker vs 40 000M marketcup BNB. There are more chances for little bags. But DAO maker marketcup will be increase. And fairness won’t come. Because we should keep more DAO tokens for get more quantity tickets for get more chances for get allocation. What we should to do next?

Lets create some new rules:

  • create term-coefficient (Kt) for hodlers DAO. The longer you keep tokens, the stronger your coefficient.
  • create “unfortunatenly”-coefficient (Ku) for hodlers DAO. The long you lose, the stronger your coefficient. I mean all last lotteries in the hodling period term.

Kt = 1+ hodl mounth/12

Ku = 1- 0.1*win tikets+0.1*lose tickets

For example:

  1. Alise hodling 1000 DAO during 4 mounth. And she has lose 3 times (I mean distributions ticket lottery). She has Kt= approx 1.4 and Ku = 1.3 She has Tier-1 (for 1000 DAO) = 1 ticket. And now she has 1*1.4*1.3 = 1.8 tickets for next lottery.
  2. John hodling 10 000 DAO during 1 mounth. And he has 1 lucky ticket and 1 lose ticket. He has Kt= 1.1 and Ku = 1. He has Tier-5 (for 10 000 DAO) = 5 tickets. And now he has 5*1.1*1 = 5.5 tickets for next lottery.

This rules never make Alise like John. But Alise will have more chances to win..