Mark Sartin
2 min readFeb 6, 2021


25 000 000 via IDO and 60 000 000 for testnet participants

1. Part 1. = 0.2 X 60M = 12 000 000 HOPR

Without lock.

2. Part 2. = 0.3 X 60M = 18 000 000 HOPR

50% unlocked, 50% westing every week starting from the 30th day.

Such a westing will not break the price, because it is flexible.

3. Part 3. = 0.5 X 60M = 30 000 000 HOPR

10% unlocked, 90% westing every week, starting from the 30th day.

Most of the allocation should go to the true fans of the project. Those who believe in its growth and development, understand the technology. At the same time, there should be privileges for unlocking relative to the stage of private and seed round stage.

We create a voting (with gHOP) for testnet participants (need to make your own choice of the Part). This way we can determine the allocation for the participants of each of the Parts.

I believe that this type of sale:

- be as honest as possible to the community

- loyal to early adopters

- reveals the true connoisseurs of the project

- rich in information reasons, great potential for hype

- gives a chance to get an allocation to everyone without exception

- allows true fans of the project, who do not have money, to get their reward for participation

- eliminates a sharp drop in the price when unlocking funds

- eliminates the possibility of selling a partial number of tokens

- and much more

Proportions and numbers could be changed for each project goals and objectives, marketing plans. The main thing: keep this architecture of sale.