How to add a new device (laptop) to (Internet Computer Dfinity) via Yubikey

Mark Sartin
Jun 2, 2021

The story, if you’ve already have account (for example iPhone)

  1. Buy the Yubikey 5 NFC (for Moscow: )
  2. Insert the Yubikey 5 NFC into the laptop’s USB-port
  3. Go to the and enter your login (5–6 digitals) (via laptop)
  4. Select: “I alredy have an account, but I’m using a new device”
  5. Follow the installation instructions
  6. Scan the QR-code with an approved device (iPhone, Samsung.. etc) and log in with Face ID or Touch ID
  7. Create a name for the new device (laptop)
  8. Log in to the via the laptop

Yubikey will often ask you to touch it